This paper presents a convergence study for a structural analysis problem that models a heat exchange phenomenon. Although the main subject is the exposure of the convergence study method, the model itself is also interesting. From a physical point of view, the heat exchange between the fluid flowing through a pipe and the ground where it is buried is modelled. The soil through which the duct passes is a portion of the soil of a solar. It is considered a thermal regime of heat, in which the soil in the root area of the plants must be cooled, to favour plant health. Returning to the main purpose, the exposure aims to demonstrate to users the need for a convergence study for the structural models of thermal phenomena, under the particular conditions to be considered for them. On the other hand, the results of the article prove the usefulness of the proposed structural model, in the design of the thermal system, by the possibility of estimating the temperature in the radicular area according to the thermal parameters of the environment.

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